“Zee” vs. “Zed”

(“Z” vs “Zed” — The Pronunciation Of The Letter “Z”)

American vs British English - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!irst of all — I want to express that I am not One to promote divisiveness between the people who conform to the various different ways that English is pronounced throughout The World.  In fact, this is specifically why I started The Common Tongue Project.  But, the pronunciation of The Name of The Letter “Z” is one of those things which is a bit different between The Common Tongue (the pronunciation Of-Which being based on “American English”) & European English (commonly referred to as “British English”).

And more significantly — the idea that one person is considered to be “wrong” — where-as another is supposedly “correct” — when it comes to things which are not actually “rules”, but are nothing more than region customs…  Well, this is simply ridiculous.  What people are usually talking about is opinion, preference, & ideology…  Not so-called “rules”.

Now…  what I’m talking about does not pertain to things which are un-deniably proven facts.  Like the fact that a large amount of Americans are pretty damn stupid — and that many Europeans look down on them for that.  (Perhaps what those Europeans don’t realize is the fact that a large majority of people EVERYWHERE are pretty freakin’ stupid — and that those stupid people are often the ones who are looking down on others for being that way.)  😎

Americans vs (Eastern) Europeans - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

But When It Comes To The Different Ways To Pronounce The Letter “Z”

The Fact Of The Matter Is…

The pronunciation of The Letter “Z”, in The Common Tongue is…

/zee/ – /ziː/

Where-as — in European English — The Letter “Z” is pronounced…

/zehd/ – /zɛɾ/

Either one is perfectly fine to use, and neither one is “wrong”.  However — it is quite possible for an American who has not had any interactions with those from outside of his country to become confused by this.  Mainly because…

“Zed” Is (or at least was) A Man’s Name…


So if you want to sound like an American…  say “Zee”.  If you want to sound like a European…  say “Zed”.  And just like the character “Zed” from the movie clip above…  Any further discussion on this matter should also be dead.  😉

And That’s That!

[Jay-Z]:  “I can’t believe you just called me “Jay-Zed”


Jay-Zed - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!.

[Rick]:  “I can’t believe you don’t even know how to pronounce your own bloody name!”

Have An Ek-Zee-Lent Day!


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If This Article Was Helpful, Please Consider Making A Donation

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