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| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!his particular topic was the first sign that I noticed, after becoming an English teacher, that there were a LOT of inconsistencies and also completely illogical and wrong information in literally EVERY text-book that I have ever seen.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!his is also the point at which I noticed that most “traditional” English teachers do not actually use their own logic when teaching — but instead, just repeat was is “in the book” — regardless of whether or not it actually makes any sense.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


This May Be The Attitude Of Far Too Many Traditional English Teachers — But I (and Ronnie) Are Actually Going To Explain It To You

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!any text-books & teachers will tell you that between “Will” & “Going To” — one is “more Strong” (which really just an opinion).  Or that one is for things that are “planned but not scheduled”.  However — depending on who you are listening to, those designations may be reversed!

You Are Wrong - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The Truth Is…

Both Of These Terms Express Exactly The Same Thing…

There Is NO Difference!!!

Allow Me To Demonstrate

“Honey!  Will you please do these dishes?”

“Yeah sure, I’ll do them later.”

“Hey dude!  Are you ever going to do the dishes?”

“I told you that I’m going to do them, just leave me alone!”

“Alright Mister!  I thought you said you were going to do these dishes!”

“I WILL!!!”

“So when is that going to be?”

I’ll do them as soon as you stop bothering me about it!”

“Okay…  so, since that will never happen, when are you, REALLY, going to do them?”

[Sigh] “I’ll do them as soon as I finish writing this blog post about how stupid this “rule” of grammar is.”

“Good…  Thank You!”

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!ow, you tell me which one is “Stronger”, which one is “with no definite plan”, and which is for “something scheduled”.  Regardless of which one of those classifications you can determine, (which are NOT Grammatical Rules) you should be able to see that you could use either expression.  It Does NOT Matter!

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!nd if you don’t believe me, then take the conversation above and completely reverse the expressions in each sentence, and you will see that is still means exactly the same thing.  😎

Now Watch Ronnie Explain To You The Same Thing In Her Own Unique Way

I hope that was helpful…

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If This Article Was Helpful, Please Consider Making A Donation

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