The English Alphabet

(Pronunciation Of Every Letter)

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!he term “Short A” is the term that we use for one of the main sounds that we make for The Letter A — the first letter in The English Alphabet — and also the first Vowel in The English Alphabet.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!n this article and the video below — you will learn how to pronounce The Short “A” Sound — You will learn that there is more than one sound for what is called “The Short A” — And you will learn that even so-called “Pronunciation Experts” get it wrong.

Introduction To The Video

Every Letter in “The English Alphabet” has a specific sound.  Some Letters in The English Alphabet have more than one sound.  To find out more about each Letter, and how to pronounce them all — watch the video below.

Notice!  —  My notes and comments about what was good and what is not necessarily “wrong” (according to Traditional Grammar), but what is CERTAINLY wrong according to basic logic are listed below the video.

Video Notes…


0:00-0:29 — This is all completely irrelevant as this is NOT a spelling lesson.  You can disregard everything she says here.

For The Rest Of The Video

For The Rest Of The Video  —  her descriptions of how to pronounce each Letter, and each sound is good information.


However  —  The Phonetic Symbols the she uses for each sound are almost all incorrect.  (Not all of them…  just most of them.)

The reason for this is because most people who use these symbols, do not actually think logically about them.  They simply repeat what THEY have been told.

However — the symbols of The Phonetic Alphabet have been created by many different people who come from many different regions of the world — where the pronunciation of the Vowels is very different.  Specifically:  The Letters “A” & “E”, and “I”

And because there are so many symbols — people just choose the ones that they were probably taught first.  However — the symbols that SHE use, do not make sense for ANY of the pronunciations around the world.


The Letter “A”  —  She pronounced the sound correctly — but then she uses this symbol: 

This makes no sense, because she says that the second sound of the Diphthong is what we call “The Long E”(for some un-known reason she also does not use these names).  But the symbol for “The Long E” sound is this: 

This symbol:  ɪ  — is the symbol for what we call “The Short I” sound.  Because of this — the symbol that she uses for the un-named “Long I” sound (for the “Letter i”) — is also wrong.


The Letter “I”  —  The symbol for the pronunciation of “The Letter I” SHOULD be:  aiː


The Letter “O”  —  For this letter, she used the symbol: 

However — the second character in that symbol is NOT a sound that we make for The Letter “O”…  At least not in “American English” or The Common Tongue Pronunciation.


So as I mentioned above — simply dis-regard the symbols that she is using, because she clearly does NOT comprehend The Phonetic Alphabet, and how to use it correctly.  Just listen to what she says about HOW to pronounce the sounds.  That is basically all her videos are good for.  😉


Have An Excellent Day!


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If This Article Was Helpful, Please Consider Making A Donation

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