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"How May I Be Of Service To You?"

Services Provided

25-Minute One-on-One English Session

A 25 Minute On-Line English Session, using Skype or Zoom – utilizing Lesson Material of “Teacher’s Choice”

Proof-Reading & Editing

Make sure that your Document, Web-Site, Presentation, etc. says EXACTLY what you want it to say…

(and that it accurately reflects your level of intelligence.)

50-Minute One-on-One English Session

A 50 Minute On-Line English Session, using Skype or Zoom – utilizing Lesson Material of “Teacher’s Choice”

Team Language Training

Needs-Analysis & Course Development Of Language Training For Customer Service & Tech-Support Teams.

(Or any other team that utilizes English for Spoken and/or Written Customer-Client Communication)

"Specific-Needs" English Session

An On-Line English Session, using Skype or Zoom – Time & Topic Based On Your “Specific Needs”

Something Else?

Vocal Talent – Ghost-Writing – Course-Creation – English Consultation – Spiritual Crisis Advisor…???  How Else Can I Be Of Service To You?

(Just Let Me Know.  I AM Here To Serve.)

Some Valued Partners

Services GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“…TOEFL EXCELLENCE…  [a course created by GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!] is un-equivocally resourceful in preparing TOEFL takers to not just “pass”, but to “Excel”.  It explains the essence of the exam and then – in great detail – breaks it down for easy comprehension – as well as providing critical skills and strategies to “make excellence a reality”!  I encourage all those intending on taking the exam to seriously consider making good use of it…”

Joseph Magarura

(My first TOEFL Excellence Student)

Services GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“…I was a Customer Care Manager at SiteGround when I first had the opportunity to work with Claude [founder of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!].  We were getting close to having more than 100 non-native speakers, providing customer service to users in English every day, and we seriously needed to “up our game” when it came to:  pronunciation, idioms, and building a better rapport with customers.

Even though he did not have extensive experience in this specific field of operation at the time – Claude managed to quickly get up to speed with all that we do, and managed to help us pinpoint the exact problems we need to work on.  But most of all, the team loved the workshops and exercises he came up with.  He somehow managed to find an individual approach to each person, and help them grow their communication skills beyond merely speaking English, and beyond what they needed to excel at work.  I saw how people in the team grew as individuals after the custom sessions with Claude.

To this day, he is my “go to” person when it comes to perfecting English and most of all perfecting communication…”

Levan Apriashvili

(CEO ZionX Sales and Customer Care)


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