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| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!he “ths” combination in English is a letter combination that some of my students have struggled with.  But there is no need to struggle with it once you know how easy it is to create the sounds without even really trying.  It is very simple!

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!nd the description in the video below is a very good one to see and hear that this is actually NOT a difficult letter combination to pronounce.


See!  That Wasn’t Difficult At All!…

Further Explanation

In the video — you will notice that Rachel used the word “Tricky”.  This is actually a good word to use.  Because even in a “Tricky” situation, or doing some “Tricky” maneuver — there is actually nothing “Difficult” about it.

All you need to do is to learn WHAT to do, and HOW to do it!  After that it is only a matter of practice.  It may SEEM difficult.  But I promise you that there is absolutely NOTHING difficult about English Pronunciation.

The “th” combination may be pronounced a little differently in some other languages — or some languages may claim that they don’t have it at all.  But I guarantee that if you have a mouth, a tongue, and can exhale air — then you can make this sound.  (And the “s” sound is the same in all human languages.)  😉

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If This Article Was Helpful, Please Consider Making A Donation

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