“Living Well Is The Best Revenge”

The Best Revenge Is Living Well - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

My use of this picture is IN NO WAY an indication of support for either the former so-called “comedian” or the other person who can’t even do a proper “high-five”, but successfully managed to turn the entire country of America into a Race-Crazy Communist Shit-Hole nightmare…  I just think that the example is funny, because I-too, have had former high-school teachers tell me that I would not amount to anything.  However — I have accomplished & experience FAR more in half of my life than they ever did in the entirety of theirs…  And maybe someday, I will meet a REAL President…  (not like that actually matters that much at all.)  😉


| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!his common Expression is used to express that:  Rather than listening to, or caring about what people say about you — when those same people do NOT believe in you;  treat you poorly;  or — in any way — cause you distress…  It is much better to “move on”;  to work on improving your own life;  and to NOT even think about them at all.

Because — even though we may wish to seek revenge for whatever those people did or said to us — It will be far more satisfying to actually achieve & live a successful life…  To live well.

And how is THAT “The Best Revenge”?  Because you will have proven those people to be wrong.  And it often happen that THOSE people have achieved a miserable life.  But even if they also have a “good” life — if they should ever see you again, and see that you are “Living Well”…  You may even get an apology.

Bonus Awesome!  —  If you DO achieve the Life in-which you are “Living Well”, then even if you DO get an apology, you probably won’t even need it.  And your desire for revenge of any sort will just disappear anyway.  😉


As stated above — This is a common Expression.  Many people who are not so well versed in Grammatical & Lexical Terms might call this a “Saying”.  However — a “Saying” is something that a lot of people “Say”.  So if you do not know the classification, you can just refer to it as an Expression (which is just a slightly more intelligent way of saying the same thing).

Tut this Expression is also classified as an Aphorism, and can also be referred to as a “Maxim”, if it is something that you very much believe and hold to be a guiding principle in your life.


This particular Expression is most often used as advice — or perhaps, as a reminder to someone when they become very upset at another, and wish to seek revenge.

It is a way of reminding them that — seeking revenge is almost always a futile effort, and almost Never brings satisfaction.  That it is much better to move on.  And maybe one day, you will actually get that apology, and realize that you no longer even needed it.

It is also possible to reverse the clauses of this Expression“The Best Revenge Is Living Well”.  However — this is not as “Grammatically Pure” as the other way around.  This is because it causes obscurity.  It could be interpreted that:  “The Best Revenge” is the thing which is “Living Well”.  It will probably NOT be comprehended that way.  But it is possible, and it almost reverses the spirit of the Expression, by saying that the idea of “The Best Revenge” is “Alive & Well”.

“When I was still in my years of public school education — I was told by MANY teachers, guidance counselors, and other students, that I wouldn’t amount to anything.  But then, I ended up living a life, such-that — when I would come back “home” — many of those same people told me that they were jealous of the life that I have lived.


I use do want to get ‘Revenge’ on those people for how mean they were to me…  But there was nothing that I could have done to them that was as satisfying, as them saying the nice things they said to me, just because I followed my dreams.  Although it is said that ‘Living Well Is The Best Revenge’…  It is much better than revenge ever could be.”


Living Well Is The Best Revenge - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

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