(a) Lame Excuse

(Metaphorical Phrasal-Noun)

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This Is True

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!he Phrase (a) “Lame Excuse” is a Metaphorical Phrasal-Noun.  It is NOT Idiomatic as many people might believe.  In fact MOST of the Phrases that people wrongly refer to as “Idioms” — are actually Metaphorical.  Allow me to demonstrate.

The Meaning Of “Lame Excuse”

Lame:  [Adjective]

      1.  Crippled or physically disabled;  Especially in the foot or leg, so-as to limp or walk with difficulty.
      2.  Impaired or disabled through defect or injury:  “A lame arm”
      3.  Weak;  Inadequate;  Not Satisfactory;  Clumsy:  “A lame excuse”

Traditionally — someone who was born with a Club Foot (a foot which deformed and twisted — making standing and walking very difficult), was considered to be “Born Lame”.

Excuse:  [Abstract Noun]

      1.  An explanation which is offered as a reason for being excused from blame for something.
      2.  A plea offered in extenuation of fault or release from obligation, promise, etc.:  “His excuse was valid.”

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!o basically — if someone offers you an excuse for:  being late, not doing something they were supposed to do, or something like that — and that excuse was so weak and ineffectual that it was almost like a person with a Club Foot trying to stand on his or her own — then that excuse is LAME!!!.

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Origin Of The Phrase:

(Not Known)

Youre Kidding Me - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The Phrase Is So Old That No One Could Really Say For Sure Where It Originated From



| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!his Phrase is fairly safe to use — even in this time where so many people seem to be offended by EVERYTHING!!!  In fact — those people probably even use this phrase.  But if they found out that the Metaphor comes from a disability — then they would probably think it is offensive…  But that is their problem.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!he reason that I say that is because it is so incredibly rare for people to be “lame” these days.  I was actually born with a club-foot (and my name even means “The Lame One” — so I can use it however I want!)  😀  But that “Lameness” was fixed immediately after my birth.  Also — we no-longer use that term for when a person has a disability.  Instead we use the name of that dis-ability.



| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!ltimately it does not even matter.  Because even if a person DID think it was derogatory — if that person gave you a “Lame Excuse” for something — then you should let them know immediately.  Because people like that need to know that their behavior if NOT acceptable.

Hillarys Lame Excuse 002 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

I Know That This Is “Ancient History” In Many People’s Minds, But This Was One Of The BIGGEST & LAMEST Excuses Ever!!!

Hillary Clinton Is A Bitch - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The Queen Of Lame Excuses…  And Just About Any Other Terrible Thing You Can Think Of


| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!irst of all — don’t EVER actually USE a “Lame Excuse”.  No one likes people who use “Lame Excuses”.  And the two photos above — of the most disgusting woman to ever walk the face of the earth — has give such INCREDIBLY LAME excuses for all the terrible things that she has done, that very close to ZERO children will ever be born within the next 100 years, who will be given the name “Hillary”.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!ut as far as using the PHRASE “Lame Excuse” — it can be used anytime and anywhere that one may encounter, idiots, assholes, and dis-honest people who constantly use “Lame Excuses” to NOT accept responsibility for their actions or “in-action”.

“Every time Steve comes to work late, he has some lame excuse about having to stay up late to study…  But he doesn’t go to school!!!”

“When I asked Susan out on a date, she had some lame excuse about not being interested in guys…  But I’m her husband!”  🙁

And That’s That!

Have An Excellent Day!


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