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As A Teacher I Facilitate The Learning Of My Students

The Word “Facilitate”, and it’s many transformations fit into all three classifications of TOEFL Vocabulary.  They are Functional Vocabulary because at least one of the Terms will most-likely appear in the instructions for actually taking The TOEFL Exam — or in the instructions for what you are to do on exam day.

They are Level-Checking Vocabulary because it will be assumed that you know all of these Words, or that you will be able to determine the meaning of these Words through context.  And it is OBVIOUSLY Word-Transformation Vocabulary because there are multiple transformations, which we will cover in this article.

1.  (to) Facilitate  &  (a) Facilitator

“Facilitate” (/fuh-SIH-lih-tay[t]/ – /fə(ʌ).ˈsɪ.lə(ɪ).te[t]/) | [verb]…

Definition:   To Make Easier — To Help — To Assist

The GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! TOEFL Vocabulary Database was created to facilitate the test-taker in learning Vocabulary which is actually necessary — and will not waste the test-takers preparation time (like so many other ‘TOEFL Vocabulary‘ books & videos available on-line).”

It is possible that the word “Facilitate” will be in The TOEFL Exam, or in one of the questions.  But if it does appear in the exam, and is NOT one of The Vocabulary Questions of The TOEFL Reading Section — then it will be assumed that the test-taker will already know this word (and its transformations).

If, however — it DOES appear as one of The Vocabulary Questions, it will be presented in a way that you will be able to determine it’s meaning through the context in-which it is presented.  (But — since you are reading this post now — you will not have to worry, because you will already know all about this word, and its different transformations.)  😎

“Facilitator” (/fuh-SIH-lih-tay-d’r/ – /fə(ʌ).ˈsɪ.lə(ɪ).te.ɾɹ/) | [concrete noun]…

Definition:  A “Helper” — A Person Who Assists Others — Someone Who Presides Over Some Action

“Each TOEFL Testing Center will have a Facilitator who is there to answer questions you may have about taking the exam — and to help you if you experience any technical difficultiesConsequently, there is NO Facilitator to help you if you take The TOEFL Home Edition, (which is only one of MANY reasons why I do NOT recommend The TOEFL Home Edition)

2.  Facility  &  Facilities

Facility - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The TOEFL Testing Center Is The Facility Where You Will Take Your TOEFL Exam

“Facility” (/fuh-SIH-lə-dee/ – /fə(ʌ).ˈsɪ.lə.ɾiː/) | [abstractconcrete noun]…

“Facilities” (/fuh-SIH-lə-deez/ – /fə(ʌ).ˈsɪ.lə.ɾiːʒ/) | [concrete noun]…

Definition:   The Ability To Do Something — The Tools Or Resources To Do Something — The Place Where Something Is Done

Referring To The “Place”…

“The TOEFL iBT Testing Facility in your area can be found on the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! — TOEFL Portal.

Referring To The “Place”…

Though not as commonly used — in this form, the word:  “Facility” is an Abstract Noun referring to the ability and ease of doing something.

Referring To Some “Tool” Or “Resource”…

Although this is one usage of the word “Facility” — it is not usually used in the Singular Form.  It is usually used in the Plural Form to refer to ALL of the “Tools” and “Resources” that some “Facility” (Place) has to offer.

“Each TOEFL Testing Center is supposed to be equipped with all of the necessary Facilities to ensure that your testing-experience is a good one.

3.  “The Facilities”

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“The Facilities” Is A Phrasal-Noun Used As A “Polite” Way Of Referring To:
The Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom, WC, Etc..

“The Facilities” (/fuh-SIH-lə-deez/ – /fə(ʌ).ˈsɪ.lə.ɾiːʒ/) | [concrete noun & slang term]…

Definition:  The Bathroom — WC — Toilet — Restroom — The “John” — The “Shitter” — The Place Where One “*Does Their Business”  😀

The Facilities - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

I Am Sure That “The Facilities” At The TOEFL Testing Center Will Be Better Than This…

(But You Never Know)  😆

“Since there is only a ten-minute break in the middle of The TOEFL Exam — there might not be enough time to use ‘The Facilities if everyone is trying to go at the same time.  This is why it is very important that one ‘does their business’ before-hand.  Furthermore — for the same reason — it is NOT a good idea to drink a lot of water during the exam.

Notice!  — The Expression “Doing (One’s) Business” is a colloquial phrase, used to refer to what a person does IN “The Facilities”  😀

Why Is This “Functional” Vocabulary?

(And What Is “Functional Vocabulary” Anyway?)

And There You Have It!
  —  I hope that this post will Facilitate you to have the Facility to be confident when going to the testing Facility on exam-day.  Just remember to ask the Facilitator for help if you are having any difficulties with any of the Facilities (like the computer, microphone, headphones, etc.)…  And remember to use “The Facilities” BEFORE you start the exam.  😉


Have An Excellent Day!


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