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10 Common Adjectives In American And British English

10 very Common Adjectives in both American and British English. A video lesson with 10 very commonly used Adjectives + explanations, examples, and exercises.

Voiced And Un-Voiced Consonants In English

Voiced and Un-Voiced Consonants in The Common Tongue Of English – A Comparison And Description. How to pronounce them, and the difference between them.

Dropped Vowels and Disappearing Syllables

Dropped Vowels and Disappearing Syllables – A great English Pronunciation Lesson explaining how many vowels and syllables almost seem to disappear when spoken.

Greetings In English – Alternatives To Saying “Hello”

Greetings In English – Different ways to greet people, other than using “Hello”. Learn the different expressions and how to respond – plus the BEST way.


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