English Usage Articles

The Letter A (Grammar & Pronunciation Lesson)

The Letter A – Learn All about The Letter “A” in English Grammar – As Well As The Different Uses And Pronunciation Of The Letter. GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Comma Splices Are Becoming More Common – Business Insider Article

Comma Splices – A good article about this BAD English practice. Learn about how people mistakenly use comma splices… when they shouldn’t. GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The Word “Incredible” – An Examle Of Words That Are Eliminated From The Common Tongue

The Word “Incredible”, and why its usage is almost always completely incorrect. Learn the proper meaning and usage of the word “Incredible” in The Common Tongue Of English Vocabulary

Advertisement vs Commercial

Advertisement vs Commercial – Learn the similarities and differences between these two terms and how they are (and should be) used – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


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