Dropped Vowels And Disappearing Syllables

(In Spoken English)

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| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!t is true that — in EVERY language — the way that a word is spelled, and the way that a word is pronounced, are two different things.  And this is the MAIN reason why non-native English-speakers sound different than so-called “Native” English-speakers.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!t is because — often-times, the way letter-combinations — or even singular letters — are pronounced in their own language is different than in English.  This is also the main reason that people just starting to learn English have a hard time understanding “Native” speakers, when they speak.  The video below will help.  😉

Notice!  —  In the video, it is written:  “Difficult English Words”.  However — they are NOT difficult.  You simply need to learn the proper way and practice.  And if you want to know why I say this, (even though almost every other teacher talks about how “difficult” it is to learn English)…  Click Here. 😉

Examples From The Video

(The Underlined Vowels Are Those That Are Dropped Or Seem To Disappear)



(All examples are linked to their respective entries on the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – Pronunciation Portal)


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If This Article Was Helpful, Please Consider Making A Donation

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