The Pseudo-Word “Diarize”

(And Why It Sux!!!)

Diarize - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


Well…  I’m going to help you find out.  😉

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!reetings!  Today’s “Yer Ing-Glish Sux!!!” post is a very Cliche Term which is very common in corporate Business-English — and therefore it Sucks!  I don’t mean to imply that ALL Business-English Industry Terminology sucks…  Just most of them.  Especially this one…  Here’s why.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!here is a terrible trend in the world of business — especially in the corporate world — of constantly coming up with new terms and phrases for things that already have perfectly good terms and phrases (that are actually grammatically logical).  And I can only imagine that the reason for doing this is to sound “new” and “fresh”.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!his is not necessarily a “bad” thing, and it is even quite natural.  Especially when that term or phrase has a Metaphorical reference that many people can relate to.  But when there is already a perfectly good term or phrase (especially when everyone already knows it) then — in my opinion — there is NO reason to come up with a new one…  (Unless is it better than the existing one.)

And It Almost Never Is…


To “Diarize”

(What The Hell Does It Mean!?!?!?)

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


Er Muh-Gersh!  Look Evree-Bahdee.  I’m Diarizing!!!  😆

“I have just made a record of all the information from today’s meeting and what we have accomplished so far…  It has been very helpful…  I think that I have created some amazing new business process!!!  What should I call it?!?!?…  Hmmm…  When I was young, my sister had a “Diary”…  She wrote everything in that book…  That’s kind of like what I did today…”

“I Shall Call My New System “DIARIZING!!!” — We must “DIARIZE” all of our meetings and work-practices from now on!!!”

I'm An Idiot - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


(I am such a freakin’ Genius!)


You're An Idiot - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!he reasons that this particular term absolutely sucks is because — Not only is the word COMPLETELY not necessary (as there are already phrases for this process) — but it is also Grammatically Illogical.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!his is because this term is made by using the Suffix “-ize” — which means:  [when added to verbs] To Do The Action Of…  —  or [when added to nouns] To Create The Effect Of… or Cause To Be Like….  Then — that suffix is added to the Noun “Diary”  (a personal journal).  Therefore — it LITERALLY means:  To Make Something Into A Diary…  (or very-much like one).

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!It does NOT mean:  “To do the same action as when you write in your diary.”  But that is how it is used.  And yet — that is not even how it is MEANT to be used!!!  And therefore — Everyone who uses this term is WRONG…  And stupid.  (And this term was in a LOT of English lessons created by the last English language company I worked for)  😆

Diarize - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

How To NOT Sound Like An Idiot

(because if you are reading this, then you clearly are NOT one)


First Of All…

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


Listen To “The Teacher”

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!hen — simply realize that the best way to come across as being an intelligent person is to SAY EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN!!!  I put that in “All-Caps” because it is a VERY rare thing in our modern times.  And the best way to DO that — is to know the proper terms and phrases to express EXACTLY what you mean…  not the ones that are taught in traditional language schools and text-books.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!he literal phrase that is used to describe exactly what someone is doing when an idiot uses the term “Diarize” is — “To Make A Record Of Something”.  And in the business and legal world — there is the phrase “To Take The Minutes” of a meeting.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!always thought that the second phrase above was a little strange sounding, but it is used because — when “Taking The Minutes” — the person “Making A Record” of the meeting or whatever is being recorded is also writing the exact time (the “minutes”) that everything happened and when specific things were said or topics discussed.  Therefore — even if it sounds strange — it is perfectly and grammatically logical.

It, literally, only takes 1 or 2 seconds more to say it the correct way with the phrases that I gave you above — and people will know EXACTLY what you are talking about.


Otherwise — you can save yourself 1 or 2 seconds of speaking by using the word “Diarize” — but you may have to spend far more than 1 or 2 seconds explain what you meant.  And, you will DEFINITELY show yourself to those who ARE intelligent as not being one who is among their ranks…  So…  You Decide  😎

But, As For The Pseudo-Word “Diarize”…

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Have An Excellent Day!


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