The Word “Dad”

(Level-Checking TOEFL Vocabulary)


Dad - GiveMesomeEnglish!!!

This Post Is Dedicated To My Dad Who Passed-Away in 1978  &  And My Step-Dad Who Passed-Away On July 8th, 2016

“Dad” – (/dæ[d]/ – /dæ[d]/) [concrete noun]…

Definition:   “The word ‘Dad’ is a colloquial term for the word ‘Father’.”

The word “Dad” — is the most common Colloquial and familiar alternative to the word “Father” in the English Language.  The proper word that this word replaces is “Father”.  But most people in America refer to their “Father” as “Dad”.

Why Is This “Level-Checking” Vocabulary?

(And What Is “Level-Checking Vocabulary” Anyway?)

This word functions as “Level-Checking” Vocabulary because the chances that you have not heard of, or know this word are quite low.  Yet — if it happens — then this is a good indication that your “Level” is not yet high enough for The TOEFL iBT Exam — and there-fore, also not high enough to excel in a University-type setting (which is essentially what The TOEFL Exam tests for).

Additionally — it will be expected — both on the exam, and in a University-setting — that you ABSOLUTELY must know this word.  Thus the term “Level-Checking Vocabulary”.

Do You Need To Take The TOEFL Exam?

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I Know This…  Because I Created It  😀

  —  If there are any words or phrases in these posts that you do not know – then look them up!  Although you do not need to waste time memorizing long lists of Vocabulary before taking The TOEFL Exam — it is always a good idea to look-up words that you do not know.  Even if you think you know them — you may be surprised!  So, if you see a word that you think that you “know” but can’t actually define or explain…  Then Look It Up!  I suggest

And If You Have Any Questions — Feel Free To Ask!

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