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| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!he phrase “Beat Up” is a very common expression in English, and can be used in a number of different ways.  In it’s Adjectival Form it can be used to describe the way something is or appears.  In it’s Phrasal-Verb Form it can be used to describe what someone does or what is done to someone.  And since this phrase is separable — the Verb-Phrase Form is just another way of describing the same thing.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!ll of the different forms are Idiomatic because the Preposition “Up” has no literal relevance.  But in the Adjectival Form, it used to describe the poor condition of some person or thing.  In the Verb Forms, it is used to describe the act of causing someone or something to be in that poor condition.

The Word “Beat”  (In It’s Verb Form)  =  To Hit Or Strike Someone Or Something (like in the GIF above).  But to do-so repeatedly.

The Use Of The Preposition “Up”  =  This preposition is often used after a verb to indicate the significant use of — or the result of the action of — the verb.  Therefore — to “Beat Someone Up”  =  To Beat Them Significantly“To Get Beat Up” is to have been significantly beaten.  These phrases can also be used Metaphorically to signify that someone looks or feels as if they have been “Beat Up”.

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!o when two or more people get into a physical fight with the intent of actually hurting each other — usually (unless they are somehow stopped), the loser — (or both/many/all of them) — will usually end-up getting:  “Beat Up” — (or, to be more Grammatically Proper “Beaten Up”).  This simply means:  to have been “Beaten” to the point of being significantly damaged.

“This…  Person…  Got “Itself” Beat Up Because “It” Thought It Was A Good Idea To Attack Dave Chapelle During His Comedy Show


(got) Beat Up = Idiomatic Phrasal-Verb Form 

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Some Examples Adjectival Usage…

“This Car Looks A Little Beat-Up


(looks) Beat-Up [phrasal-adjective] = Looks as if it is not in good condition

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“After A Long Night Of Singing Her Heart Out To All Of Her Fans, She Was Feeling Rather Beat-Up


(feels) Beat-Up [phrasal-adjective] = feels exhausted and tired.  (no relation to the crack, booze & heroin I’m sure)

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“Smoking Crystal Meth Has Been Known To Give People A Disgustingly Beat-Up Smile


(a) Beat-Up (something) [phrasal-adjective] = looks terrible; disgusting; gross; highly un-attractive

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Some Other Examples Of Usage…

“Facistic Douche-Bag Pussies Who Hide Behind Masks And Try To Beat Up Others Because They Think That Everyone ELSE Is A Facist Should EXPECT To, and DESERVE To Get Beat The Fuck Up!…  Hard!  (and we applaud the ones givin’ it to ’em”)


(to) Beat-Up (someone) [phrasal-verb] = to beat someone extensively.  (something that is very difficult for “an-tee-fuh” pussies unless they have 100 more of their crack-head loser friends to help them.)


(to get) Beat The Fuck Up! [verb-phrase] = to get beat very distinctively, very hard, and in a way that will leave lasting damage.  (Something which all “an-tee-fuh” members very much deserve.)

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That Was Good!  Let’s Have Another!!!

Antifa-Smash - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Well Done Sir!!!

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And That’s That!

Have An Excellent Day!


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