“Black Umbrella (The Right Stuff)”

(Fun With English!!! — “Bad Lip Reading Edition”)

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

What The Hell Is This?!?!?!

Way back in 2009 — the world was cursed with the Miley Cyrus’s decision to become a f^ckin’ WHORE!!!  But right before that — she released the song “Party In The USA”…  which was horrible (except for the Yeeaahhh-uh-yeeahhh-uh-yeeah-UH-yeah part…  everything else sucks).  The video below is a VAST improvement to the original “song”…  (but she’s still a whore…  and that’s probably her dad’s fault…  ‘cuz he’s a f^ckin’ DOUCHE!!!).  😆

Notice!  — You may not really LEARN any English from the video below…  But it certainly is a bit of “Fun With English!!!”

To See WHY This Is Actually An Improvement From The Original…

Ihope that you enjoyed that little break from Grammar, Lexis, Pronunciation, Usage, Vocabulary, or from Studying For The TOEFL Exam.  It is my philosophy that:  “If We Are Not Going To Have Any Fun — Then There Is No Reason To Come To Class!”  😎

And That’s That!

Have An Excellent Day!


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If This Article Was Helpful, Please Consider Making A Donation

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