“All Things In Moderation”

(The Meaning & Usage If This Common Expression)

All Things In Moderation - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“When I Drink — I Only Drink In Moderation”

(this, of course, is also sarcasm)

The Expression“All Things In Moderation” — can be used as an Aphorism, Interjection, or Proverb — and is used to imply that doing “too much” of some thing is not a “good” idea, or may be detrimental in some way — even if that thing that one is “doing” or “having” is generally considered to be “good”.

Conversely — this Expression is also used to imply that — even things which may be considered to be “bad” (or “bad for us”) are really “not so bad” when we use, or do, or engage in them — “in moderation”.

Notice!  —  The words: “good”“bad” are both relative terms — and are, in-all-cases, nothing more than opinions.  There-fore — what is considered to be “good” or “bad” is different from one person to the next.  The same is true for the terms “Positive” & “Negative”.  A more intelligent alternative to the use of these, is to use the words“beneficial” & “detrimental”…  (which are still both opinions [depending on the parameters of the judgment] but at-least they remove the stigma of “right” & “wrong”…  once again — very-often…  opinions.  😎


All Things In Moderation - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Most people like food.  And most people on the planet still need to eat food to survive.  But — it is common knowledge that eating too-much food…  Or eating too-much of certain types of food — can cause something like this to happen…

All Things In Moderation - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

And…  If being grossly over-weight — to the detriment of your health — does not really bother you very-much…  And, if eating generally makes you happy…  Then do what you like!  (As you long as you do not claim that your obesity is some form of “disability” and rely on other people’s tax money to live your lifestyle, or that other have to cater to you because of your obesity.)  

But, if your over-eating were to get to the point that it was somehow impeding your own happiness, or the well-being of other around you (because they have to take care of you) — then maybe you should thing about using some “Moderation”.


All Things In Moderation - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(photo credit: Lucia Maldonado-Medina, 2009)

As yoga has become more-and-more popular — the idea of frequent fasting has finally been accepted by most people (including many “mainstream” health professionals) as being something which can be very beneficial & healthy.

But, if a person were to stop eating completely because she thought that no matter how small she was, she was still “fat”.  And so she basically starved herself for the sake of her idea of “beauty”…  Well then she might end-up looking a bit like this…

All Things In Moderation - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Well first of all — there is a BIG difference between “Fasting” and “Starving”.  But perhaps not in the mind of the girl in the GIF above.  In-which-case — if she wants to be healthy AND thin — then perhaps she needs to do her “fasting” in moderation as well.

Some More Examples…

Body-Building is a very popular activity, all around the world.  Some people just want to look physically fit.  Others want to look like a freakin’ giant.  But most people do not want to look like this…

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Taking the time to make yourself look “good” by putting on a little make-up can make a person feel more confident, and can have a beneficial result in your social & professional life.  But most people probably would not want to end-up looking like this…

Over Doing It - GiveMeSomeEnglish

Personal expression is a good thing.  But sometimes — if “Moderation” is not practiced — even if the person is doing what he wants to do…  It is possible that he is going “Too Far” in an un-conscious expression of the desire for attention…  (and he is only going to get the “wrong” kind of attention.)

Over Doing It - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(Seriously…  Do any of these people look very happy?)


As stated above — Personal Choice, Opinion, and how each individual defines what is “good”, “bad”, “beneficial”, “detrimental”, and EVEN their interpretation of the word “Moderation” itself is completely up to that individual.

To summarize — using the Expression “All Things In Moderation” can be used as a subtle way of reminding someone that…  While you respect that they can make their own decisions about how to live…  perhaps — if they do not practice “Moderation” with the things that they decide to do…  It is possible that they may, later, regret their decisions & actions.

Have An Excellent Day!


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