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Airplanes & Airports - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!ere is a list of questions that can be used in your English lessons regarding “Airplanes And Airports”.  Obviously, this is not a complete list, but feel free to use it, add to it, or print it out and give it away to people you meet at the airport (but don’t actually do that.  You will probably be questioned by the police.)  😆

  • Have You Ever Flown In An Airplane?
    • If So — Did You Enjoy It?
      • Why Or Why Not?
    • If Not — Would You Ever Like To?
      • Why Or Why Not?
  • How Old Were You When You Went On Your First Flight?
    • Where Did You Go?
  • What Was The Longest Flight You Have Ever Taken?
  • What Seat Do You Prefer:  Window, Center, Or Aisle?
  • What Are Three Things You Are Supposed To Do Before The Flight Takes Off?
  • What Do You Like To Do During The Flight?
    • Drink, Read A Book, Sleep, Etc.
  • What Do You Do When You Experience Turbulence?
  • Where You Ever Scared At Any Point During The Flight?
  • Have You Ever Met Anyone Or Established Any Relationships During A Flight?
  • Are You Able To Sleep During The Flight?
  • Do You Like The Food That Is Served On The Flight?
  • Have You Ever Fad A Bad Experience During A Flight?
  • What Kinds Of Things Do You Think Could Happen On A Flight That Could Lead To A Bad Experience?
  • Have You Ever Sat By Or Near An Annoying Person On A Flight?
    • Please Explain
  • What Things Can You See On A Plane?
  • What Should Be Done About Obese People Who Practically Take Up Two Seats?
  • Why Do You Think That Most Pilots Are Men?
  • Would You Like To Be A Flight Attendant?
  • Would You Rather Fly Or Drive If You Were Going On A Long Trip
    • Why?
  • Is Being A Flight Attendant Considered To Be A “Good Job” In Your Country?
    • What Do You Think Are The Qualifications?
  • Would You Rather Have A Younger, More Beautiful/Handsome Flight Attendant Or An Older, More Experienced One Who May Not Be As “Good Looking”?
  • What Are The Advantages Of Traveling By Airplane?
  • What Are The Disadvantages?
  • What Questions Should You Ask When Buying Airplane Tickets?
  • What Is A Charter Flight?
  • What Arrangements Should Be Made For Pick-Up At The Airport?
  • What Things Can You See In An Airport?
  • What Questions Do They Ask You When You Check-In At The Airport?
  • What Questions Do They Ask You When Going Through Immigration And Customs At The Airport?
  • Would You Like To Learn How To Fly?
    • Why Or Why Not?
  • Do You Think Being A Pilot Would Be A Good Job?
    • Why Or Why Not?
  • When Travelling, What Items Should Be Included In Your Hand Baggage?
    • What Items Should You NOT Have?
  • What Documents Do You Need For International Travel?
  • What Is A Boarding Pass?

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!f you have an adult class, or if you just have a student who is reluctant to participate because they think the topic is dumb or juvenile — just remember that it is not so much about the topic itself, but that the student is actually speaking.  This is a great opportunity to expand vocabulary as there may be something that they do not know the word for.  And if a story about a personal experience comes-up…  even better!  😉

Have An Excellent Day!


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If This Article Was Helpful, Please Consider Making A Donation

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