“Agree” vs “Agree With”

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!s far as the difference in meaning between:  “Agree” & “Agree With”…  Essentially — There is none.  For, in order to “Agree” — it is necessary to do it “With” another person, idea, opinion, philosophy, etc..  (All of which would come from another person.)

| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!herefore — the only difference between the Verb:  “Agree”, and the Phrasal-Verb:  “Agree With” — is in how these two are used.

Agree_Agree With - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!
| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!hen we use “Agree With” — there needs to be a Noun or Pronoun (acting as a Direct Object) directly after it in the sentence.  This is usually a person, but can also be an:  IdeaOpinionPhilosophyetc..  (All of which are created by a “person” — therefore — no matter what, when agreeing, it MUST be with another person — either directly or indirectly.)
| GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!o use the word “Agree” — without the Direct Object — is usually done as a statement in response to another — or in answer to a question — and the word “Agree” will almost always be the last word in the sentence…  (but it can also be followed by an adverb, an adverb-phrase, or a phrasal-adverb.)

“I agree with you — that we need to make learning English much more simple.”

Agree vs Agree With

“He said that we needed to make English more simple to learn.  I told him that, I agree.  And then we slapped high-five and did a little dance before running off into the sunset.”

“Traditional English lessons are so boring and stupid.  It’s like they are all written by people who don’t live in the real world!  What do you think?”…

I agree, whole-heartedly.  That’s why I Love GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!”  😉

Notice!  — The statement “I agree.”  as a complete two-word simple-sentence — which stands on its own — is also classified as an Interjection.  The person does not need to say:  “I agree with you” — because the person being spoken-to already comprehends that he or she is the one being spoken-to.


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