Abstract Noun

(What It Is & How To Use It)

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“Read-On To Find Out How This GIF Is An Example Of An Abstract Noun


What Is An Abstract Noun?

In Traditional English Grammar — The Term “Noun” is one of the so-called “Parts Of Speech” — or sometimes, as a “Word-Class”.  However — those traditional Terms are imperfect, and also lead to the confusion that so many people experience with English Grammar.

Therefore — in The Grammar Of The Common Tongue — I have replaced those imperfect Terms, with the more suitable and precise Term“Grammatical Unit”.  The Noun is one of the eight “Base Grammatical Units” in The Common Tongue Of The English Language.  And the Abstract Noun is a specific type of Noun.  

Bonus!  — To comprehend why this change of Terms was necessary — simply click any of the links in the explanation above, or anywhere else on this page to read the proper, logical, & correct descriptions of the Grammatical Terms used in this article.  😉

The Term “Abstract Noun” is the Grammatical Term which is used to refer to specific types of words in The English Language.  These are the words which refer to “Abstract Things”.  In-other-words — these are “things” which can not be “held in one’s hand”.  They can only be thought-of in one’s mind.

Because the “things” that Abstract Nouns refer to are not “Physically Real” — we say that they are “Intangible” — which literally means “No Touch”.  Some examples of the TYPES of things that are Abstract Nouns are:  Ideas / Thoughts / Concepts / Feelings / “States Of Being”.  But they can also be things that we experience, but do not have a physical reality — like:  The Internet, Electricity, A Good Grade On Your TOEFL Exam.

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“Anything Which Exists ONLY In Your Head Is An Abstract Noun



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“Anything Else Which Exists OUTSIDE Of Your Head — But ‘You Can’t Touch’ (because it has no physical reality) Is Also An Abstract Noun

We will more-fully cover Noun-Phrases in another post.  But, hopefully this helps you to have a better idea of what an Abstract Noun actually is.  Let Me know if you have any questions.

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